23 Favorite Fun & Free Kid Art Lessons

If you are looking for a simple way to improve your young artists’ art skills, you’re in the right place! We have 23 art lesson plans for kids of all ages and skill level. Enjoy our fun art projects!

Image shows a compilation of kid art activities from different sources
There’s no wrong way to make art!

Easy Art Projects And Lesson Plans

We know that all great artists were once little artists!

Art is very important for kids of any age, as it promotes creativity (try shaving cream art) and imaginative thinking. Art is a great way to develop writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills, as well as fine motor skills. 

These amazing art lessons will help your little one create their own masterpieces, from young kids to older kids, we have something for everyone. The best part is that you probably already have the art supplies, or you can find them in your local craft store.

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Best Art Lessons for Kids of All Ages

We hope you enjoy our favorite art activities!

Image shows a kid blowing bubbles to create a painting. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Bubbles are an easy way to make art!

1. Bubbles: Easy Art

Let’s make colored bubbles! They are an easy art project that is fun to make and beautiful too.

Image shows a tutorial to draw baby shark. Idea from Kids activities blog
Baby Shark doo-doo-doo-doo!

2. How to Draw Baby Shark

Kids will have so much fun making a Baby Shark drawing of their own with this simple step-by-step How to Draw Baby Shark printable set (completely free!)

Image shows an art collage for kids inspired by Kandinsky. Idea from Happiness is Homemade
These painting ideas are so much fun to make!

3. Kids Art Lesson: Kandinsky Inspired Concentric Circles Collage

This is an art project that can be made with construction paper, scissors, and glue. Plus, it’s a fun way to learn about Expressionism art! From Happiness is Homemade.

Image shows some fun alien drawings made by kids. Idea from Happiness is homemade
Let’s make some fun alien drawings!

4. Kids Art: Alien Name Creatures

These fun alien monster creatures are created using each child’s name as the design! Just fold, cut, and color! From Happiness is Homemade.

Image shows two canvas with art inspired by Piet Mondrian. Idea from Happiness is Homemade
Grab your brightest paints for this project!

5. Kids Homeschool Art Lesson: Piet Mondrian

Do you know who Piet Mondrian is? This art project is a great way to learn about his art in a practical way. Grab your canvas panel, tempera paint or acrylic paint, and other simple supplies. From Happiness is Homemade.

Image shows a piece of paper with pointillism art. Idea from The artful parent
Pointillism art is a very creative way for kids to express themselves.

6. How to Make Pointillism Art with Q-tips and Watercolors

Pointillism art with Q-tips is a super-easy-yet-interesting activity that you can do over and over again. Watercolors work great for this! From The Artful Parent.

Image shows a kid painting a cardinal in a tree branch. Idea from  Deep Space Sparkle
Light-colored oil pastel makes for lovely paintings.

7. Cardinals in Winter Art Lesson

This art lesson is great for second and third graders, but it would be appropriate for fourth grade too. Download the free tutorial for an easy guide. Idea from Deep Space Sparkle.

Image shows cupcakes paintings inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. IDea from  Aschukei.
Let’s get creative painting some cupcakes.

8. 4th Grade Wayne Thiebaud Cupcakes

Here’s a Wayne Thiebaud lesson that students can do in two classes, using tempera paint and following Wayne Thiebaud’s style. From Aschukei.

Image shows a flower art project made with clay. Idea from Painted Paper Art
We love clay artworks for kids!

9. Clay Flower Bouquets

Model Magic air dry clay and painted paper make for a stunning art project inspired by Vincent Van Gogh! Follow the tutorial from Painted Paper Art.

Image shows a painting of a kid holding an umbrella below a cloud. Idea from Smart class
A great way to learn about the weather.

10. April Showers and Jellyfish Watercolor Resist

This is a fun activity for first graders and even younger kids. Besides being a fun art craft, it’s also a good way to learn about the weather. From SmART Class.

Image shows a radial paper relief sculpture. Idea from Art with Mrs. Nguyen
Aren’t these crafts so beautiful?

11. Radial Paper Relief Sculptures

These paper crafts are a great way to learn about radial symmetry, sculpture, and relief sculpture too. From Art with Mrs. Nguyen.

Image shows a Wycinanki pattern. Idea from Kid World Citizen
Have you heard about paper-cut design?

12. Wycinanki: Polish Folkart for Kids

This craft is so easy to make and the end result is unique and original! Gather your supplies: colored paper, sharp scissors, glue, and access to a computer. From Kid World Citizen.

Image shows a cardboard circle weaving craft for kids. Idea from Hello Wonderful
This craft is easier than you think!

13. Easy Cardboard Circle Weaving for Kids

Have you tried weaving with the kids? Hello Wonderful shared a tutorial that is easy enough for kids to do on their own, but adults might enjoy participating too.

Image shows many skyline paintings made by kids. Idea from Painted Paper art
Printmaking is magical for kids and adults as well!

14. Printmaking I: City Skylines with Reflections

The process of creating an image and then transferring that image to another piece of paper is so exciting, this project uses a foam printing plate and a piece of paper. From Painted Paper Art.

Image shows a painting inspired by Monet. Idea from It is Art Day
Kids will love creating a beautiful art project!

15. Monet’s Pond

A fun way to practice art is by learning from other famous artists. This art lesson is inspired by Monet, making it a great opportunity to read about Monte’s garden and look at prints of his masterpieces. From It is Art Day.

Image shows a bunny under the rain holding an umbrella with a rainbow behind it. Idea from SmART Class.
Let’s learn a new painting technique.

16. Winter Rain Watercolor Resist

Watercolor resist art is fun for kids of all ages. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make your own winter rain art project! From Smart Class.

Image shows a fluid art project. Idea from SmART Class
Each fluid art project is unique!

17. Fluid Art

Fluid art is a very fun way to create abstract art mixed with science! Get your tempera paint and mix it with different household items. From smART Class.

Image shows leaves made with clay. Idea from It is Art Day
These leaves look so realistic.

18. Finishing up Fall with Clay

This art project from It Is Art Day is great for saying goodbye to autumn and is perfect for 3rd graders. Which is your favorite leaf?

Image shows an leaf art project to make leafy spring prints.
This project is perfect for second grade students.

19. In The Art Room: Leafy Spring Prints

This negative leaf print is simple, scientific, beautiful and fun. What else could you ask for?! From Cassie Stephens.

Image show a set of acrylic paint sun prints hanging outside. Idea from Craftiments.
Kids will love painting the fabric with their favorite colors.

20. Acrylic Paint Sun Prints on Fabric

This tutorial is perfect for little kids and older kids alike. Gather your favorite acrylic paints supplies and head outdoors on a warm, sunny day. Today we are creating an acrylic paint sun print – you can create any kind of interesting silhouette. From Craftiments.

Image shows different flower paintings inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe. Idea from Art bar blog
Learning about modern art is so much fun.

21. Artist Study with Kids: Georgia O’Keeffe

Let’s take this art lesson to learn about one of the greatest American painters and her famous works, Georgia O’Keeffe. This lesson plan has so many ideas for art teachers to use, especially with advanced artists! From Art Bar.

Image shows a lavender paint made with safe ingredients for kids and toddlers. Idea from Nurture Store
Who said art was only for older kids?

22. Easy homemade finger paint recipe for babies and toddlers

It’s never too early to learn new skills. Toddlers love making crayon drawings, but there they can try this simple art project with homemade finger paint recipes. Introduce your little ones to sensory process art! What will they paint first? From Nurture Store.

Image shows shell painting in a box. Idea from Nurture Store
These painted shells are gorgeous to look at.

23. Shell painting: Beach theme art

If you are going to the beach, try these shell painting techniques! All you need is watercolor paints and a kid excited to make some art. Idea from Nurture Store.

Want more art activities for kids? Try these:

Which kid art lesson was your favorite?

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