2024 Maruti Swift: Base To Top Conversion At Rs. 50,000 [Video]

The 2024 Swift was launched on 9 May and we have already started seeing delivery and modification videos of the car. Today, with the help of a YouTube video uploaded by MRD Cars, we will cover a base to top conversion of the all-new Swift 2024. Surprisingly, the cost of this entire conversion is just Rs. 50,000.

Before starting with the modification details, it is important to know that the LXi variant of the 2024 Swift does not offer much. In short, Maruti is just delivering the car with no features at all and everything has to be done aftermarket. Now, let’s discuss what all has been added and changed.

Starting with the exterior, the halogen headlights have been upgraded to LEDs. The host mentions that they have tried to recreate the look of the top end ZXi + Dual Tone variant. Fog lights are not installed in this particular car. The most functional upgrade in this car is its ORVM. The ORVMs have been upgraded with electric adjustment and folding functionality.

The base variant of the Swift has indicators on fenders which are now integrated in the ORVMs. Alloy wheels have not been upgraded yet. The host mentions that they are yet to arrive. The door handles are not painted and they are still in black plastic finish. Reverse parking sensors are standard in the new Swift but a camera has been added.

New Maruti Swift Base To Top Conversion

The taillights are kept stock as they are the same in the top variant. As mentioned earlier, to recreate the look of ZXi + Dual Tone, the roof of the car has been wrapped in glossy black. The host mentions that rear parcel tray and boot lamp will be available soon.

Now, let’s talk about the interior upgrades. As the new Swift comes with six airbags as standard, airbag friendly seat covers have been installed in this car. The host specifically mentions that these seat covers are made from premium materials. Other changes in the cabin include a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

However, the fit and finish of this display is very poor. The host mentions that rear wiper, washer and defogger can also be added. However, the rear windshield has to be changed. Multiple chrome elements have also been added in the interior. The steering wheel has been changed to the one from top model. This steering wheel features glossy black elements, multimedia controls and cruise control.

Other changes which can be done include front skid plate, rain visors, rear spoiler, alloy wheels and chrome garnishes. Surprisingly, the Maruti genuine 9-inch infotainment system is also available. A 360-degree camera setup can also be installed.

Concluding the video, we can say that such modifications make a lot of sense if you have the budget of a base model only. However, you have to be careful about the quality of materials used and work done. This is because these modifications can affect the life of your car and your experience with the vehicle.

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