Second Wave .. Lockdown until December 1: France

Paris: The pandemic corona hasonce again been locked down in France ,one of the most affected countries. President Emanuel Macron announced on Wednesday that regulations would be in place until December 1 to curb the spread of Kovid-19. He said the virus was spreading rapidly in the country and the situation seemed to be getting out of hand, urging everyone to be vigilant. Speaking to the people to this extent .. ” The second wave started in France as well as in other countries in Europe. It may be more severe than the first stage. Already, there are no beds available in hospitals to provide better treatment to the more than 3,000 patients who are seriously ill with corona infection.

About 9,000 people are expected to be admitted to the ICU by November 15. If we are not careful yet, there is a possibility of more than 4 lakh additional deaths in the near future, ”he warned. He said curfew imposed two weeks ago in other major cities, including the capital city of Paris, had failed to curb corona cases (secondwave) and that more than 35,000 corona deaths had already occurred in the country on Secondwave.

Macron clarified that measures to prevent damage to the economy would require the closure of all businesses except bars, restaurants and emergencies from Thursday night in the wake of the lockdown regulations, and that written permits would have to be obtained from the relevant authorities if people were to leave their homes. The people were once again appealed to on this occasion not to come out unless urgent. He said measures would be taken to curb the spread of Kovid‌-19 without disrupting economic activities and announced an additional financial package to support the business community.

Macron hopes that if the outbreak is reduced within two weeks of the lockdown, more relief will be provided and that Christmas and New Year celebrations will be celebrated with families. Companies that have allowed workflow home longer would do well to extend them. Similarly, educational institutions are required to pursue online classes. According to The Sante Public-France Health Agency, there were 244 new corona deaths in Europe in a single day on Wednesday. More than 36,000 people have been affected by the epidemic. 

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