2005 Tata Sumo converted into Mercedes Benz G63 AMG luxury SUV [Video]

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is one of the most iconic SUVs from the German luxury carmaker. It has been around for over four decades, and in the recent few years, it has become extremely popular in India as well. Now, with a price tag of over Rs 3.30 crore, not everyone in India who wants one can afford it. So, what people do is find ways to create a replica of this icon. Recently, a video of an old Tata Sumo converted into a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen has been shared online. The entire car, from the outside and inside, has been fully modified.

The video of this Tata Sumo conversion into a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG has been shared by Magneto 11 from YouTube. The video starts off with the presenter of the channel taking a bus to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, to shoot a video with this G-Wagen conversion. After reaching there, he gets picked up with the Tata Sumo G-Wagen and gives a brief introduction to the vehicle.

He first asks the owner of the shop about the model year of the base Sumo underneath the conversion. The owner of the vehicle mentions that it is a 2005 Tata Sumo. Following this, the presenter starts talking about the changes done on this vehicle to make it look like a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.

Exterior conversion from Sumo to G-Wagen

2005 Tata Sumo converted into Mercedes Benz G63 AMG luxury SUV [Video]

He starts off at the front of the vehicle and shows the newly designed front fascia. The entire front grille, headlight surrounds, front bumper, indicators, and the bonnet of this vehicle have been changed. They have all been modified to look like a Mercedes G-Wagen, and the presenter adds that all of the parts have been custom-fabricated with metal and are not made of fiberglass material.

Next up, he moves to the side profile of the vehicle. The presenter states that, just like the front, the side profile has also been modified to look like a G-Wagen. It gets custom metal-fabricated front and rear fenders, as well as side skirts. He adds that the roof and the lower section of the car have been given a carbon fiber finish to make it look a lot sportier.

2005 Tata Sumo converted into Mercedes Benz G63 AMG luxury SUV [Video]

Lastly, he shows the rear end of this vehicle. He adds that the rear has not undergone a lot of changes and rather has only had a few things altered. The rear bumper, like the front, has been customized from metal, and the rear taillights have also been changed. He adds that the spare tire cover has also been changed and now bears a Mercedes-Benz logo on it.

Tata Sumo custom interior

2005 Tata Sumo converted into Mercedes Benz G63 AMG luxury SUV [Video]

Moving on, the presenter then shows the interior of this vehicle, which has been fully customized. He starts at the front and mentions that it has the same dashboard as the old 2005 Tata Sumo. However, the entire vehicle has been given a white and black leather upholstery. They have added two speakers, an old aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system, electric seats on the front, and a custom-made center armrest.

2005 Tata Sumo converted into Mercedes Benz G63 AMG luxury SUV [Video]

Following the front, he shows the rear seats of this Sumo G-Wagen conversion. He states that although the standard Tata Sumo from this generation comes with a 7-seat layout, here the middle seats have been removed, and only two captain’s seats have been added on the third row. Both seats get their individual armrests. Additionally, the car also gets a fully functional electric sunroof on top.

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