15 Fun & Festive Ideas for Cinco de Mayo for Kids

Let’s have some fun with festive ideas to celebrate Happy Cinco de Mayo for kids…and the whole family! Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated on the victory of the Mexican army over France in a France-Mexican war that happened in 1862. We have collected some of our favorite ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with kids!

Cinco de Mayo for Kids - Collage of Cinco de mayo history, food recipes, arts and crafts and more
Let’s celebrate Cinco de Mayo together!

Cinco De Mayo for Kids

Keep reading to understand more about Cinco de mayo’s history, food traditions, decorations, kid’s activities, celebrations and more…let’s have some fun!

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Many think that May 5th is Mexico’s Independence Day. Not so (that day is celebrated on September 16th). Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican American holiday celebrated mostly in the United States and parts of Mexico, commemorates the victory of the Mexicans over France at the Battle of Puebla.

The Fifth of May History for Kids

  • Read more about the battle of Puebla, how long it lasted, etc on History
  • Learn interesting Cinco de Mayo facts for kids like…did you know that around 70 million pounds of avocados are eaten on Cinco de Mayo in the United States? 
  • Get to know how people actually celebrate the Fifth of May in Mexico from Business Insider
  • These 15 Cinco De Mayo traditions will help you to get the party started from Reader’s Digest 

Cinco de Mayo Crafts for Kids & Free Printables

1. Kids Will Love these Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages

Cinco de Mayo printable coloring pages for kids pictured with pdf version - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color some festive Cinco de Mayo coloring pages!

Have the fun going with these Cinco de mayo coloring pages for kids.  These are the best coloring pages for your 5th of May celebration or in the classroom learning about this Mexican holiday! 

2. Make a Cardboard Guitar for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo for kids - make cardboard guitars for Cinco de Mayo celebration decorations
Let’s make a Cinco de Mayo craft!

Make your own Cardboard guitar craft from our kid things

3. DIY Cinco de Mayo Pinata Craft

Cinco de Mayo for kids - easy pinata to make with kids out of a paper plate - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a Piñata for Cinco de Mayo

What is a celebration without a piñata? Make this simple paper plate Pinata which is colorful and super easy to make.

4. Make Egg Maracas for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de mayo for kids - plastic spoon and plastic egg maracas craft being held up by child in colorful decorations
Let’s make maracas!

Shake! Shake! and make music with these Easter egg Maracas from Made every day with Dana

5. Craft the Mexican Flag with Kids

Make these simple & fun Mexican flag crafts for Cinco de Mayo from Kids Activities Blog 

5 de Mayo Crafts for Kids & DIY Decorations 

Collage of fifth of may decorations
Make these fun DIY decor to add festive touch to your Fiesta!

6. Make Paper Flower Decorations Together

Cinco de Mayo for kids - make tissue paper flowers - Kids Activities Blog - group of brightly colored tissue paper flowers on floor

Decorate your Fiesta space using DIY Mexican paper flowers made from brightly colored tissue paper.

7. Craft Sombrero Themed Placecards for Your Celebration

Cinco de Mayo for kids - Cinco de Mayo placeholder craft - Legally Crafty Blog
Love these cute sombrero place card holders!

Let your guests know to sit with these  DIY Sombrero place card holder from Legally crafty blog

8. Taco Banner for Cinco de Mayo Fun

Cinco de Mayo for kids - DIY taco banner craft shown with cinco de Mayo party
Taking tacos past Tuesday…

Decorate your Fiesta with a fun DIY Taco Banner from Club crafted (link unavailable).

9. Make a Mexican Folk Art Banner for Cinco de Mayo Decoration

Cinco de Mayo for kids - how to make papel picado - finished banner craft shown on wall - Kids Activities blog
Let’s make papel picado!

Make this traditional Mexican folk art paper banner – DIY Papel Picado from Kids Activities Blog 

10. Festively Set Your Table on the 5th

Get your inspiration on how to set your table for Fiesta from Toot sweet 4 two

Cinco de Mayo Recipes Kids Love

Collage of Cinco de mayo food traditions
Make these yummy recipes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

11. Make Mole Poblano

Try the iconic Cinco de Mayo dish – Mole Poblano from Mexico in my kitchen

12. Make a Cinco de Mayo inspired Casserole

Looking for comfort food to celebrate? Try this Taco tater tots casserole  or Chicken Enchilada casserole  that will make your kids come for seconds via the Kids Activities Blog

13. Be Inspired by Mexican Food

Check these yummy Tex-Mex recipes to set up a variety of food to enjoy at your party via the Kids Activities Blog 

14. Make Our Favorite Taco Recipe

Make this delicious alternative to your regular tacos for a special dinner – Crockpot Shredded Beef tacos via Kids activities blog

15. Celebrate with Sombrero Cookies for Dessert

Finish the party with this simple dessert -Sombrero Cookies from Jenny Cookies

More Cinco De Mayo Recipes, Activities, and Ideas From Kids Activities Blog

How are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo with kids?

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