11 Ways to Create a Peaceful Living Space

The home should be a place of refuge, with interiors and furnishings that provide a tranquil ambiance that rejuvenate the occupants who live within the space. For many, home forms a safe retreat from the stresses of work and the bustling worries of life but yet it is at times disregarded, which results in an area that, if not furnished with care, might only exacerbate the tensions instead of providing a place of reinvigoration. Regardless of one’s lifestyle, creating a peaceful home begins with easy, focused activities. While some may provide faster “payoffs” than others, investing in your own sanctuary may be worth the effort.

As we approach the halfway mark of 2024, it is a time to do some self-reflection and as they say, change starts at home. The month of May is “Mental Health Awareness” month and Vesak day falls on 22 May this year. In light of these two annual occurrences, LUXUO highlights a few ways to recharge, bring in positivity and and channel new energy to the rest of the year ahead.

CB2 Sarello rugs
A “Sarello” rug from CB2 can help anchor a space and create a soothing visual texture to your floor. Image: CB2.

“Designing a peaceful home is the art of prioritising harmony and guiding every element to create serene sanctuaries within homes. It’s about crafting spaces that embrace calmness, nurturing well-being effortlessly,” emphasises Russell Chin, founder and managing director of Inspire ID Group.

Clear The Clutter

Start small when reorganising your home to clear clutter. Image: Megafurniture.

A lifestyle that ignores continual clutter could negatively impact your mental health, regardless of whether you’re a devoted maximalist or a fan of the KonMari approach. Untidy stacks of papers and a work desk in disarray could impact productivity and result in more than just that extra twenty minutes spent looking for those elusive car keys before leaving the house. Spend a weekend going through your old letter and the clothing in your wardrobe that you have not seen since 2023. Letting go of what you no longer need is an art in itself. Make space for new things to enter your life as you discard those unnecessary clutter.

Exploring Colour

Any area can feel completely different by adding a statement piece of art or paiting vibrant wall. Silky curtains in white fabrics can provide refinement and tranquillity to a room. At the same time, a family living room may benefit from a pop of yellow as the psychology of the colour is said to represent happiness and is associated with optimisim. Choosing the ideal colour scheme might be challenging, so try out several hues and combinations to see how they affect the atmosphere of your room.

Sara Hillery Bedroom
A tone-on-tone yellow room is all about clever colour techniques. Image: Sara Hillery.

Experiment with cooler shades to create a soothing space. Shades of beige, off-white, camel, nude, and eggshell are trending hues for a relaxing interior theme. “This yellow room isn’t neutral or blue, but by using the same colour in various tones and adding textures for interest, it feels very calming,” says designer Sara Hillery.

Lighting Is Key

No watermark Daybed and platformed masterbedroom
Smart and/or natural light can achieve a calming bedroom. Image: Inspire ID Group.

Beyond having windows that allow for natural sunlight in the room, Chin, founder and managing director of Inspire ID Group, also explains, “create a serene ambience with gentle lighting and open spaces.” He suggests you opt for soft, warm lighting to illuminate rooms without being too harsh. “Bedrooms should be calming when you come back after a hard day’s work,” he says.

Embrace Biophilia

brickwork bed 12
Image Courtesy of Melanie Jade Design

There is a reason why individuals enjoy walking in a park, venturing to the closest botanical garden or embarking on hiking trail to escape the week’s stresses and unwind in the outdoors. Why not bring nature’s healing properties indoors? In addition to giving your design scheme a lush pop, NASA research shows that plants remove toxins from indoor spaces and re-oxygenate the house, according. At a time of increased outdoor pollutants and harmful gasses, this could provide one solution to creating a healtier home. If you’re not much of a gardener, try minimal-maintenance species of plants like snake plants or parlour palms for maximum calming effects at a low price.

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Bedroom Bliss

Crate Barrel Diana Bed
The “Diana” bed from Crate & Barrel offers boucle upholstery to introduce texture to any bedroom. Image: Crate & Barrel.

The bedroom — one of the most private spaces in your house — should be a sophisticated haven where you can retreat from your hectic schedule. “It’s always your goal to enter a bedroom and be amazed,” says decorator Miles Redd of New York. However, it must also be a location to unwind and settle in. Whether you like muted hues or gorgeous pastels, use colours that speak to you and make you want to be in the space. Additionally, since aloe vera plants and calming weeping figs release more oxygen at night, you should forego installing that television in favour of these plants.

Spatial Harmony

The Chinese feng shui tradition emphasises the balance of opposing yet connected forces or yin and yang. The basic idea of the ancient practice embodies countless aspects and approaches to decorating. From creating complete symmetry in a dining room to playing with dark and light pieces, look for ways to find complete harmony in your space.

Let The Sun In

There is nothing like a burst of natural light to bring clarity and accentuate the delicate features of a room’s design. More than an artificially lighted space, a naturally illuminated area increases productivity, elevates mood, and fosters a calm attitude overall. Consider adding reflective surfaces to your home if you live in an apartment with few or no windows. The amount of natural light will instantly quadruple by enabling sunshine to reflect off of properly placed huge mirrors or lacquered items.

Natural Textures

Stone Marble
Stone and marble products can elevate a space and convey a sense of calm. Image: CB2.

There is an inate tendency is to recognise and be drawn to the alluring beauty of the natural world. Although not everyone enjoys the company of houseplants, natural materials and textures convey a similar sense of calm and help to anchor a room’s overall tone. There are several methods to use earthy elements, such as original woodwork or the addition of a woven side table, to promote inner serenity. Try to lean on softer materials such as rugs on floors and layering textures to create depth and interest in creating a serene environment.

Scents and Sense-ibility

Aromatherapy using oils can relax your mind as scents have a powerful effect to create a joyful or peaceful space. Image: Megafurniture.

Candles are a relatively little home addition, but they can produce a warm, inviting glow and add a lovely perfume to an entire area. Scent recall is an effective technique for taking individuals to joyful or idyllic locations. Look for a candle that makes you think of your most beloved vacation spots, or get one with a eucalyptus aroma and relaxing spa-like properties. Not a fan of lighting candles? An excellent substitute is essential oil diffusers, which let you create your custom fragrance combination.

Wellness Spaces

Creating wellness spaces for yoga, a spa, or a sauna can aid in our health in the comfort of our homes. Image: House Beautiful

During the pandemic, our houses have evolved into places for restoration and work. Consider setting aside certain areas where you may retreat for quiet times and give your mental health first priority to help establish a sense of separation between life and work. This does not imply that you must turn that extra bedroom into a stationary yoga studio or spa. A good interior designer can turn a spare area of your house into a comfortable haven filled with lots of soft furnishings where you can unwind or practice meditation, yoga, or some beneficial body stretches.

Water Sanctuary

If you have space for a bath in your bathroom, you can relax after a hard day’s work. Enjoying a soak in a bathtub can reduce stress and cortisol levels.

Kaldewei e15 Bath2
The e15 + Kaldewei bathroom collection is designed by Stefan Diez. Image: Kaldewei.

If you’re looking for a bathtub, check out German bath brand Kaldewei, stocked at W. Atelier. The brand has over 100 years of industrial manufacturing experience producing sustainable products. Its latest collaboration is with the German furniture brand e15. Launched during Milan Design Week 2024, the e15 + Kaldewei collection is a line of bathroom furniture and accessories created by Munich-based industrial designer Stefan Diez and produced and manufactured by e15 in collaboration with German heritage company Kaldewei.

Solid European wood is the foundation material for the e15 + Kaldewei line. The line includes various multipurpose pieces, including an oiled oak bathtub bridge, footboard, seat, and stools of varying heights, which are accessorised with plush leather.

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