100+ {Amazing} Fathers Day Crafts and Activities For Kids

We have a huge list of crafts for Father’s day! Father’s Day is almost here! If you’re looking for a creative craft or activity for Dad, we’ve got a huge list of Fathers Day Crafts for kids. You’ve still got plenty of time to grab a few craft supplies and make something really special and from the heart. Everyone loves a present that is homemade, especially gifts kids can make.

mega list of crafts and activities for fathers day from kids
Help kids make something special for Dad from this giant list of 100+ Father’s Day Crafts and Activities.

Father’s Day Crafts

Father’s day is here again and what better way to celebrate the best dad than giving him one of these amazing Father’s day gifts?

The best part is these handmade gifts are easy to make, awesome, and easy for younger kids and older kids to make.

A homemade card or homemade gift is a creative way to show your dad how much you love him. So we gathered over 100 Father’s day gift ideas and simple crafts to ensure your dad will feel loved and cherished.

Supplies You’ll Need To Make Some Of These Father’s Day Crafts:

A lot of these crafting items you may already have, but if not you don’t have to run to a craft store, we can help! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Supplies you’ll need:

100+ Fathers Day Craft Ideas For Kids

1. DIY Mouse Pad

Make dad a homemade mouse pad for his desk! Whether it is for work or games, this DIY mouse pad is a great idea! What a kind gift!

2. Free Printable Father’s Day Card

Easily make dad a personalized card with these printable Fathers Day cards to color or paint. Your dad is sure to love this personalized Father’s day card! Perfect for any father figure.

3. Father’s Day Photo Frame

Dad will love these chalkboard frame homemade Fathers Day gifts custom made by his kiddos. You can put your child’s photo in it so he can take it to work or a photo of dad, mom, and the kids! This is the perfect gift for Father’s day. Make your own picture frame. It’s an easy craft, but a great one to share the special message of I love you to dad.

4. DIY Stepping Stones

For the dad who loves to garden, these handprint stepping stones will make a really sweet addition. These DIY stepping stones also double as a cute keepsake as well. This is the perfect Father’s day craft!

5. A Great Way To Show Dad How Much You Love Him

Make dad an I Love You This Much card to show him how much he is loved. It’s a great way to say, “You’re special Dad!” This is great for dad’s special day.

Father's day craft idea: windsock made from dad's old ties
What a clever father’s day craft. Take all the old ties dad doesn’t wear anymore and make a wind sock!

6. Father’s Day Crafts

Grab a bunch of dad’s old neck ties for this Father’s Day tie craft! This is such a fun father’s day craft! What a perfect time for this Father’s day craft.

7. Father’s Day Gift Book

Here is a really sweet idea for making a personalized Father’s Day keepsake book for Dad with special notes and photos. This is a cute craft project that will take a little extra work, but is so worth it.

8. Father’s Day Card

Color dad a few coloring Father’s Day cards.  There are four cute handmade card designs to choose from!

9. Cool Ties For Dad

Here’s another fun neck tie craft designed by your kids. It is a really sweet gesture!

10. Memory Jar Ideas

Take a few special photos and turn them into a super cute memory jar.

little girl painting artwork for Fathers Day gift
Kids can paint something special for Dad for a homemade Father’s Day gift!

Fathers Day Crafts and Activities

11. Father’s Day Gifts

Kids can create a work of art using finger paint for Dad! via Dayna Bayna

12. Dad Word Cloud

Here are eight simple ideas — like making a word cloud to describe Dad — perfect for any age. via Pre-K Pages

13. How To Make A Paper Tie For Father’s Day

These three Father’s Day crafts are the cutest! Want to make a paper tie for Father’s day? There is even a tie craft! via The Chirping Moms

14. Cute Father’s Day Craft

Every dad will love to wear a classy dad t-shirt. via Life Sew Savory

15. Father’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas

This Father’s Day tribute is a framer, and the sweetest keepsake. via Rainbows Within Reach

Father's day cookie cannister with black and white stripes filled with chocolate chip cookies on a baking rack
This is the best father’s day craft ever. Who doesn’t love cookies?!

You can’t go wrong with this Father’s Day cookie gift! via Pre-K Pages

17. Father’s Day Folded Shirt Card

Make this DIY Father’s Day card for the super dad in your life! via Easy and Peasy and Fun

18. My Dad Rocks Free Printable

Show your love for dad with this “My Daddy Rocks” Father’s Day activity and printable. via Mama Miss

18. Fun Ideas To Wrap Father’s Day Gifts

It might not be easy to get to the store in time for Father’s Day, so make your own DIY Father’s Day wrapping paper!  via East Coast Mommy

20. A Great Idea For A Father’s Day Gift

Dad has some big shoes to fill, and this DIY Father’s Day gift is the sweetest way to show it!  via Serving Pink Lemonade

Homemade paper card for Dad to celebrate Father's Day
Make a card for Dad using paper, scissors, and other fun materials! Kids can create something based on their father’s interests, like golf, fishing, or working with tools!

Homemade Father’s Day Crafts

21. Dad Plaque

This “Dad Loves” plaque is the sweetest way to record dad’s favorite things! via While He Was Napping Momma Got Stuff Done

22. Small Gift For Father’s Day

Check out this fun Father’s Day printable, and there are recipes, too! via Happiness Is Homemade

23. Salt Dough Baseballs

The ball game never has to end with these salt dough baseballs! via Creative Family Fun

24. Running T-Shirt

Is the dad in your life a runner? Make him this fun DIY running t-shirt for Father’s Day. via Serving Pink Lemonade

25. Father’s Day Card

Use decorative craft paper to decorate the tie on this adorable DIY Father’s Day card! via Little Fingers Big Art

Father's day gift ideas: homemade card: with a green and yellow tie glued to white paper
Make dad a tie card!

26. Father’s Day Tie Card Using Construction Paper

Here’s another adorable homemade Father’s Day tie card, using construction paper! via Sparkling Buds

27. Father’s Day Handprint Art

Give dad a high five that will last forever with this adorable Father’s Day card idea. via A Little Pinch of Perfect

28. Treat Basket

What dad wouldn’t love a basket of treats?! Just set it next to his favorite chair along with the remote! via Mama Papa Bubba

29. Best Ideas For Father’s Day Keepsakes

How fun is this Father’s Day printable?! Just fill it out and you will have an instant keepsake for dad! via Love + Marriage and a Baby Carriage 

homemade fathers day crafts that kids can make
Father’s Day gifts are sweeter when they’re made by kids! Make something for Dad’s office or just because!

Easy DIY Father’s Day Crafts and Gifts

30. Father’s Day Questionnaire

See how well your little one knows dad with this fun Father’s Day questionnaire! via Mama Miss

31. Father’s Day Inspired Shirts

Check out these 20 Father’s Day shirt gift ideas–some are DIY, and some you can buy! via Lalymom

32. Cute Father’s Day Craft

Your toddlers can help make this tape resist Father’s Day banner! via Craftulate

Warm his heart with this “Following in Daddy’s Footsteps” craft. via Teen Entertainment Guide

34. Father’s Day Interview

This “Father’s Day Interview and Portrait” is a sweet way for your little one to learn more about dad, while making an amazing keepsake gift! via Mama Papa Bubba

Father's day idea: picture frame with adjectives that describe him: funny, snuggles, love, smiles, strong, laughs, kind, funny, silly smart
Tell dad he is the best with this Father’s day craft.

35. A Fun Way To Show Dad How Awesome He Is

Looking for a quick, easy, and meaningful Father’s Day gift? Check out this easy framed word cloud. via Pre-K Pages

36. Easy Way To Make A Father’s Day Keepsake

Handprint gifts make the sweetest mementos. Check out all of these different handprint craft ideas! via Crafty Morning 

37. DIY Candy Wrappers

Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift? Make DIY Father’s Day Candu Wrappers! via Skip To My Lou

38. Nuts and Bolts Frame

If the dad in your life is handy he will love this nuts and bolts frame! via Fun-a-Day

father spending time with child for fathers day
Don’t forget to include new dads in your Fathers Day celebration. Keepsake gifts are a great option for Dads with babies.

Cute Father’s Day Craft Ideas

39. Massage Shirt

How cute and creative is this musical massage t-shirt? via Lalymom

40. Golfing Father’s Day Card

The golfers on your Father’s Day list will love this cute handprint golfer Father’s Day card! via Crafty Morning

41. Easy Crafts For Toddlers To Make On Father’s Day

This simple Father’s Day photo gift is easy for toddlers to make! via For Creative Juice

42. Juice Box Photo Frame

Use juice boxes to make a creative Father’s Day gift! via Parenting Chaos

43. Handprint Fish Card

This kid-made card is perfect for Dads that love to fish! via A Little Pinch of Perfect

Father's day craft idea: make a father's day cd and decorate the front of the cd with markers
Make a Father’s day playlist!

44. Father’s Day Blessing Songs

Make dad his own custom playlist for your family dance parties. via Simple. Home. Blessings.

45. Bucket Of Treats

Show your appreciation with a bucket of sweet treats! via Serving Pink Lemonade

46. Father’s Day Book

Make dad his own book for Father’s Day! There is even a free printable! via Buggy and Buddy

47. You Rock, Dad

Show dad how much he rocks with items you already have in the house… and yard! via Itsy Bitsy Fun

48. DIY Back Scratcher

Does dad always ask to have his back scratched? Make him this DIY back scratcher set. via Left Brain Craft Brain

kids crafts for fathers day
Our Fathers Day Craft list includes more than 100 projects for kids to make for Dad.

Kids Homemade Father’s Day Crafs and Gifts

Thank dad for holding his little one’s hand with this sweet “thanks for holding my hand” card. via A Little Pinch of Perfect

50. All About Dad Printable

Kids can record all of their favorite things about dad in this DIY book! via The Measured Mom 

51. Colorful Handprints

Who doesn’t love colors?! Dad will adore these colorful handprints! via Things To Share and Remember

52. Father’s Day Stamp

Make a fun wood print stamper craft that dad will treasure! via Mini Monets and Mommies

53. Fun Gifts For Dad

How cute is this woven tie Father’s Day craft?! via HGTV

54. DIY Father’s Day Gift

If you’re looking for a fun DIY Father’s Day gift, here are 3oo to choose from! via Crafty Journal 

Father's day craft: decorated tool holder for father's day. Mason jar with painted nuts bolts and screws glued to it
Take some time to do this father’s day craft to help dad organize his tools.

55. Decorated Tool Holder

Make dad a decorative tool holder for his tool bench. via Craftulate

56. Father’s Day Card

This DIY Father’s Day card has a surprise hidden in plain site! This is so much fun to make. via Powerful Mothering 

57. Homemade Father’s Day Card

Every dad would love to receive a heartfelt, homemade Father’s Day card. This is such a colorful card. via Artsy Craftsy Mom

58. You’re Out Of This World Card

Show dad how out of this world he is with this fun card! The Milky Way bar is an added bonus or you can use whatever dad’s favorite candy is. via Crafty Morning 

crafts and activities for fathers day
Sweet Father’s Day crafts and activities for kids

Quick and Easy Father’s Day Crafts and Gifts

59. Father’s Day Bookmark

Make dad a sweet bookmark that he can use all year long! via Serving Pink Lemonade

60. A Great Idea For A Father’s Day Gift

Dad might just be moved to tears with this “someday I want to walk in your shoes” craft. You just need some paper or canvas and acrylic paint.  via JDaniel 4’s Mom 

61. Father’s Day Card With A Dad Joke

This DIY Father’s Day card is perfect for a boater or fisherman! This card is easy peasy and one of the great Father’s day crafts. What dad doesn’t love dad jokes? via Crafty Morning

62. Daddy Dates

Plan future “daddy dates” with this sweet printable your kids can cut up and use to fill a jar! via While He Was Napping Momma Gets Stuff Done 

Father's day coupon book
Here is a father’s day craft idea! Make a coupon book for dad!

63. Coupon Book

Make dad a coupon book that he can redeem whenever he wants! This will be such a good way to surprise dad! via 3 Boys and a Dog 

64. Super Dad

Your “super dad” deserves this cool envelope, and the candy that comes with it! What a cute card. via Hershey Land

65. Father’s Day Tie

This DIY card is so cute–use a package of M&M’s to make the bow tie! via Crafty Morning

Label the Father’s Day gifts from baby in the cutest way… with footprints! via The Realistic Mama 

67. Cool Cards For Father’s Day

Help dad “stay cool” with this creative card, made with Mike & Ike’s! via Crafty Morning

father and child reading a book together
Spending time with Dad is the perfect way for kids to celebrate Father’s Day!

68. Free Printable Father’s Day Gifts

Celebrate Father’s Day with this free printable booklet. via Celebrate Every Day with Me 

69. Happy Father’s Day Fishing Card

If the dad on your list is either a fisherman or a fan of Swedish fish, he will love this DIY Father’s Day card idea! via Crafty Morning

70. Handprint Keepsake For Dad

Check out these Montessori-inspired Father’s Day ideas–like a handprint keepsake. via Living Montessori Now 

71. Father’s Day Medals

Dad absolutely deserves a gold medal! Here’s how to make one! via Crafty Morning

72. Career Themed Activities

Talk about what dad does at work with this fun free occupations and vehicles matching activity! via Tot Schooling

10+ father's day crafts kids can make with candy bouquet, basket ball shot glasses, key chain, and picture frames
Looking for some Father’s day crafts?

73. Great Father’s Day Crafts

Check out these 10 Father’s Day craft ideas! We love the keychain! via No Stress Homeschooling

74. Father’s Day Tie Card

Make dad a tie card with this free printable! While kids may need a little help printing off the template, they’ll be able to decorate it just fine via 3 Boys and a Dog

75. Personalized Coffee Sleeves

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift fir the man who has everything? How about a DIY coffee sleeve! via Chica Circle

76. Father’s Day Word Art

You can’t go wrong with this Father’s Day word art project! via Doodle and Stitch

77. Salt Painting Father’s Day Gift

Switch up your regular painting routine and try salt painting a Father’s Day gift! via Parenting Chaos

Father and Son building a project together
Building together is a fun way for Dads to spend time with their kids on Fathers Day.

Unique Father’s Day Crafts and Gifts

78. Yo Amo a Mi Papa

We just love this Spanish Father’s Day gift! via Toddling in the Fast Lane

79. Father’s Day Shirts

This DIY massage shirt is also a map of dad’s favorite things! via Mommy’s Bundle

80. Father’s Day Keepsake Card

Remind dad of how special he is with this meaningful kid’s handprint Father’s Day card. via Crafty Morning 

81. DIY Father’s Day Card

Here is tons of DIY Father’s Day card inspiration, using items around the house like pasta, and paint to create handprints! via Crafty Morning

82. Baseball Card

Make this awesome ball card for dad, and then go toss a ball around the yard with him! via Sparkling Buds

Father's day craft- handmade card with monkeys hanging on twine- text: I love hanging with you dad
Here’s a father’s day craft idea! Make a handmade card!

83. Thumb Monkey Card

This adorable monkey card is easy to make… you just need some paint, paper, and fingerprints! via Crafty Morning 

84. DIY Stash Jar

Every dad needs a “stache” jar for his candy… the mustache decoration makes it even cuter! via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Dad will love this sweet handprint football Father’s Day card from his #1 fan! via Crafty Morning 

86. Golf Ball Father’s Day Card

Is dad a golfer? He will totally get a kick out of this fingerprint golf ball Father’s Day card, complete with a real tee! via Crafty Morning 

87. Fun Craft Idea: Father’s Day Mug Painting

Looking for a fun craft idea for Father’s day? How fun is this tape resist mug for Dad? via Happy Hooligans

handprint crafts for dad
We adore these handprint crafts that are perfect for Father’s Day!

Cheap Father’s Day Crafts and Gift Ideas

88. DIY Father’s Day Gifts

There are tons of good ideas in these twenty DIY gifts for Father’s Day–like a new spatula for the grill with a sweet decoration! via Elemeno-P Kids

89. Father’s Day Finger Painting

On the hunt for some Father’s Day finger painting inspiration? Check out these ideas! via 3 Boys and a Dog 

90. Magnetic Frames

These magnetized fridge frames make the best DIY gift that dad will see every day! via An Idea on Tuesday

91. Printable Coupons

Check out these free printable coupons for dad for a quick, easy, and thoughtful Father’s Day gift. via Itsy Bitsy Fun

Father's day craft: hand's off my dad, daddy's coffee, dad, painted tea cup and saucer.
One of the cutest father’s day crafts! Great for dad’s who love coffee, tea, or espresso!

92. Father’s Day Mug Ideas

This mug and plate are the perfect Father’s Day gift for the coffee-loving dads out there! via Lalymom

94. Edible Fathers Day Gifts

Make dad a tasty treat for Fathers day! Whether it is a simple meal or his favorite dessert, it is a great way to tell dad I love you! via Homemaking For God

95. Mason Jar Crafts

Dad can use this handprint mason jar craft to store his pens on his desk, or his tools on his tool bench. via Fun-A-Day  

96. Father’s Day Craft Ideas

He will be proud to wear this DIY Father’s Day handprint shirt! via Coffee Cups and Crayons 

97. Father’s Day Photo Shoot

Every dad (and grandpa!) will love this Father’s Day photo shoot idea. via The Chirping Moms

chalk drawing of daddy
Give a homemade gift for Father’s Day crafted from items around your house! No extra shopping required.

Father’s Day Crafts and Gifts You Can Make with Household Items

98. Father’s Day Mugs

All you need to make dad a cool DIY gift is a mug, Sharpies, and some imagination! via I Heart Arts n’ Crafts 

99. Dollar Bill Origami Card

Impress dad with your little one’s origami skills with this cool card idea! via Crafty Morning 

100. Pencil Cup

Dress dad’s pencil up to look just like him, with this fun Father’s Day craft idea. Via Chica Circle

Father's day craft: foot print of a yellow lion with orange mane- text: my dad is king of the grill and I'm not lion.
This is a fun Father’s Day Craft! My dad is king of the grill! And I love the pun at the end.

Show dad that he’s the king of the jungle with this cute footprint craft for Father’s Day! via Fun Handprint Art

102. Fingerprint Heart Bouquet Father’s Day Craft

Make dad a fingerprint heart bouquet! This is such a sweet and beautiful keepsake Dad will always cherish. via Teen Entertainment Guide

103. Father’s Day Tacky Tie Craft

Toddlers will giggle their way through making a tacky tie for Father’s Day. via Simple. Home. Blessings.

104. Homemade BBQ Sauce

Yum! Dad will love receiving a jar of yummy homemade BBQ sauce! via Mama Miss

105. I Love My Daddy Because…

Gift dad with a picture of his little one, along with some special words. via East Coast Mommy

Father's day craft ideas: diy slippers made from tape and flip flops
Best father’s day craft/gift. Slippers! Who doesn’t love slippers?

106. Father’s Day Crafts: DIY Slippers

Make dad his own custom pair of slippers for Father’s Day! via Piwi Princess 

107. Worlds Best Dad

This “world’s best dad, hands down” free printable card is the cutest. One of the best father’s day gifts. via Fun Handprint Art

108. Nuts And Bolts Craft

Upcycle nuts and bolts onto a canvas for the coolest DIY Father’s Day gift! This is the greatest father’s day crafts. via Mosswood Connections

109. Printable Necktie

Decorate this printable necktie for dad! It is a great gift that will light up dad’s face when he receives it.  via East Coast Mommy 

110. Father’s Day Stickers

Looking for a unique DIY Father’s Day card idea? Try this sticker resist Father’s Day card. via Craftulate

Happy Father’s Day

We are so excited to hear how your kids made Fathers Day special for their Dad. Be sure to let us know which crafts you made. Share a photo of your homemade gift for Dad over on Pinterest so that we can see the fun you had as a family!

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Which crafts for Father’s day will you be doing?

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