1 Month Old Mahindra Thar Burns Down: Insurance Claim Denied Because Of ‘Rear Camera’ Installed By Dealer

We are lately seeing a rise in the number of vehicle fire incidents in India. While we are mostly seeing reports of EVs catching fire, there are a decent number of cases where ICE vehicles have caught fire too. Here we have one such incident from Haryana where a Mahindra Thar that was only months old caught fire and was completely destroyed. The owner is now facing a problem as both the insurance company and the manufacturer are not providing him with a solution for his loss.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger mentions that the owner bought this car back in December last year. He drove the car for almost 700 km and took it to the dealership for the first service. While he was leaving the car, he told the staff that he had been getting a burnt smell inside the cabin whenever he stopped the car after driving it for over 50-60 km.

The service center took note of this, and when he came back to pick up his car, they told him that the issue was resolved and there was nothing to worry about, as such a smell is often felt in new cars. The owner believed the word from the technicians and took the car. He reported the same issues a couple of times, and the response remained the same.

One day, he, along with his family, went out to attend a wedding close to 200 km away from their place. After reaching the venue, they parked the car, and the owner mentions that he could smell something burning inside the car while he was parking it. He ignored the smell, parked the car, and started walking away with his family. A few minutes after they got out, someone informed them that the Thar caught fire.

The locals tried to douse the fire, but it was of no use. The car was completely engulfed by the time the fire brigade reached the spot. After the car caught fire, the owner informed both the insurance and the dealer about the incident. The insurance company sent an executive to investigate the spot and the vehicle and told the owner that they should go and talk to the dealer, as the car caught fire due to a manufacturing defect.

One month old Thar caught fire
One month old Thar caught fire

They also found that the car had an aftermarket rear parking camera installed in the SUV. The insurance company said that they were rejecting the claim as they found an external fitment in the car. The insurance company is not wrong here to have rejected the claim. The owner mentions that he got the camera installed from the dealership; however, the parts installed were not OEM. On those grounds, the insurance company denied the claim.

The owner then took things to the dealer, and they were initially reluctant to respond. When the dealer posted the same case on social media, they acted and took the car and inspected it. After inspection, they submitted a report that the car didn’t have any manufacturing defect and it was an external reason why the car caught fire.

Both the manufacturer and the insurance company are not offering him any solution, and the customer is now stuck with nothing but a completely burnt car which he paid for. Most people buy such cars on EMIs. If that is the case here, the customer is now paying EMIs for a car that doesn’t even exist or that he can drive anymore.

We really hope that the manufacturer soon comes up with a solution and resolves this issue. We feel the issue wouldn’t have occurred if the service center had thoroughly inspected the car when the customer reported a burning smell in the car.

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